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Action packed Idle Game. Explore procedural dungeons, find new teammates and defeat Mr. Big Stache. Sell equipment and upgrade your skills to go deeper into each dungeon.

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Please add more levels and items this game is sooo good

I love this game


can you make a version that isn't adobe flash seeing that this game is very highly rated and adobe flash is dead now.

yes please i rlly want to play

Agreed......its a very nice game...hope they make a none flash one

what happens after you open the gate that is where the first 4 dungeons are?

I dont know why though

I thought we had to merge the weapons?

if you ever decide to update your game, You should add a quick sell/ quick equip button/upgrade ( and you could implement it into the game as maybe like an upgrade that the player can buy, etc)

just found this game, i love idle games! will this be updated?

who doesn't, idle games are great

Make this available on windows (fullscreen). I hate playing the browser version, but I love the game. I'll pay if it's available.

Game is good :


This game is amazing i love it a lot <3

It's a fun game on mobile, but the web version is glitched for me. It just loops the logo animation over and over.